From the recording Everything's Captured


You can call it a first novelYou can call it a memoirEither way every word of the dialogue is fictionBut stick to your story, it got you this far
Play the game “Telephone” with yourselfWhisper your memories in your own earWhat you start with is not what you end up withDon’t believe everything that you hear
Our next case is “The People againstThe Man Picked Out of the LineupBy the Woman Whose Hair Stood Up On the Back Of Her Neck When She Saw His Face”
She knew in her gut, “Oh My God, It Was Him”She was absolutely sureShe was the only witnessIt was an open and shut case
What you say you saw isn’t what you sawNo I’m not calling you a liarYou are just unreliable, that’s all
Forget everything you rememberForget everything you think you knowAbout memory, but don’t worryEverything that’s ever happened is captured on videoEverything that’s ever happened is captured from every conceivable angle on videoEverything‘s captured on videoEverything‘s captured on video